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Shipping Policy

The shipping policy is to let you know how the shipping works at Gloset Co.


Domestic Shipping Policy

We don't have a set amount of time for any country. We produce only when you order to maximise product quality.


Time taken

The production begins within 1 week of the order and in some other countries, it might take longer or a shorter period of time. Here at Gloset Co. we take around 2 - 5 weeks in total to get your products at your address. It completely depends on our stock and some products might need extra manufacturing just for you. We work very hard at Gloset Co. to get you your order. If it has been over two weeks please contact us here. We will ask the manufacturing factory to speed up the process. 

Tracking of your product

We have a tracking system of your product which you can request for if you do not receive it. We have a URL link that you can use but you will get it once the production of your product has finished.  All of our clothing products will have tracking but our other accessories might not due to the heavy load of the product.


Questions regarding our shipping

Please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here for your service and to contact us you can go to the menu items and click on the Contact Us page but you can also go there by clicking Contact Us. (Please remember to give the appropriate title to the subject)



You have to accept the cookies and accept our terms and service. We might change our policies for the shipping information etc.

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